Freshpark Obstacles are foldable, portable and easy to store. The powder-coated steel frames deliver superior strength for action sports obstacles. The weatherproof Urethane/ABS surface will not rot, warp or swell like wood, and is safer to fall on then concrete. Instantly have a Skateboard, BMX, or Scooter program. Quickly set up on a basketball court, tennis court, playground, parking lot, driveway, garage, and street. All obstacles will link together with their patented system to make adding to your set-up easy. Create your own program/skatepark with the three different standard set-ups, or piecing your own together. Freshpark allows you to be the designer and the program director all in one. Freshpark skate parks can be one ramp to a million! Cement skateparks are great, but Freshpark stands alone in all weather conditions and portability. If the snow starts falling simply move the fun inside!

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Park Amenities
  • Modular Parks
  • Portable Skateparks
  • Skatepark
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  • Sports

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